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BCT Credit Repair Tips

Bloomington Civic Theatre (BCT)

Bloomington Civic Theatre finally has a permanent home. BCT was founded in 1955 by a group of volunteers who believed a theater group would be a desirable addition to the culture for the new city of Bloomington. One of their earliest dreams was to have a space for rehearsals, set construction and a functional stage for performances. The City of Bloomington has made that dream a reality with the opening of Bloomington Center for the Arts in August 2003. Before then, BCT performed on school and college stages when available. Sets and costumes were built and sewn in homes, garages, empty storefronts and barns. The Bloomington Recreation Department advanced the fledgling group $30 to begin their creative endeavor. We performed The Curious Savage at the old Bloomington High School on 98 th and Penn Avenue South on June 24 th and 25 th , 1955. For the first four years, we produced straight dramas only and in 1960 we presented our first musical, Guys and Dolls which critics labeled, “a miracle in Bloomington.”   For almost 50 years, performers and technicians have come from all over the metro area to audition and volunteer for our productions. Under the artistic direction of John Command, Bloomington Civic Theatre currently produces four musicals a season – providing an amazing venue for amateur performers and entertaining, high quality, and reasonably priced shows for the theater-going public.

BCT is incorporated as a non-profit, 501(c) (3) corporation. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which is elected annually by the theatre membership. The Board meets monthly to develop policy and procedures for the organization and monitors our participation in other councils. BCT employs a full-time managing director and part-time staffs for creative and production purposes. In addition, hundreds of volunteers contribute their time and talents to ensure the success of our organization. We are a member of the Bloomington Fine Arts Council, the Minnesota Association of Community Theatres (MACT) and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

As Bloomington Civic Theatre continues to settle in our new home, we are constantly learning, growing and aspiring to a better way of entertaining our patrons.   We invite you to join us – whether you are in the audience, on stage or behind the scenes – as we need dedicated volunteers to continue bringing our dreams of the original volunteers, and those that have followed, to reality.

Building a good credit rating can help you to qualify for financing, such as car loans and mortgage loans. Trying your credit without knowing influence the factors that scoring can repair your efforts slowly. Take steps to repair your credit and enjoy the privilege of being stress-free approvals with Bloomington Civic Theater.


Creditors and lenders decide the due dates for your invoices and sending a payment after the final date can hurt your credit rating. Timeliness of payments accounts for 35 percent of your credit score. Credit repair calls mailing payments early to avoid a late arrival, or paying your bills online payments securely, shall be credited by the due date. Open statements when they arrive, and if possible to pay statements as soon as they arrive.


Start the reduction of credit on your credit cards and work together to help pay off early installment loans repairing your credit. Getting credit signaled an acceptable credit history, but to improve your credit, or to repair a low credit score, start paying off debt. As payment history, debt plays an important role in credit scoring (30 percent); and delete or reduce your balance quickly points to your personal credit rating and helps repair your guests.

Rebuild your credit score in Memphis

Credit scores are on your credit report contain information. With that said, errors on your personnel file and creditors inaccuracies can lower your score. A reduced rating because of errors may lending to stop or higher interest rates on loans. To recognize Detect errors early and work to make to correct these errors. Get your credit report from Annual Credit Report and contact creditors if you are not familiar remarkable accounts or outdated information.

Request for Assistance

Do you work too late to fix problems with your creditors to pay instead of skipping or sending payments. Creditors may extend the due date on your accounts, change the maturity or offer a skip payment method to assist you in trouble. With this method you can, what time to miss a payment without penalty fees. Contact creditors early to explain your situation and inquire about the various provisions.

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